Wildlife Research

The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust believes that wildlife research plays a key role in finding sustainable solutions for long term conservation. Increasing human populations places strains on environmental resources, including wildlife habitat. Decreasing habitats and conflict with humans are the two biggest factors contributing to the decline of most wildlife species today. However there are ways for people and wildlife to co-exist. VFWT undertakes a range of researchprojects from iconic species of lion and rhino to methods for dealing with human wildlife conflict.








Lion Research

Working together with Oxford WildCru Hwange Lion Research (HLR), VFWT is researching the lion population of North West Zimbabwe. The areas of coverage include Zambezi and Kazuma National Parks as well as Matetsi Safari area. It is the goal of this project to determine numbers of this magnificent predator, as well as identify the corridors they use between different land use types and international borders. For more information on this project please click here.


Human-Predator Conflict

For a farmer in rural Zimbabwe, predators are a major source of contention. One lion or hyena can wreck havoc with a family's entire livelihood in one night. VFWT working together with ZPWMA and, Jafuta Foundation and Oxford WildCru Lion Research are rural district community to evaluate conflict incidents, respond when there is a conflict and implement mitigation methods to deter wildlife from conflict with humans and their domestic animals. l For more information on this project please click here.


Rhino Conservation

In an effort to make a difference in the conservation of black and white rhino in Zimbabwe, we have undertaken a project which analyzes the genetics of each animal remaining in National Parks within Zimbabwe. We took samples from every animal and then have had a look at the DNA to see which animals are related, and we now also have the DNA on file should any of those animals be poached. Conservation is improving its efforts and using new technologies to make a bigger impact. For more information on this project please click here.


Vulture Conservation

Vultures are facing challenges in their long term sustainability due to the number of poisoning and poaching incidents that have been on the rise in recent times. VFWT are in the process of starting a large research project as well as building a rehabilitation aviary for those animals that are compromised due to human infringement. In additiona, a key focus of the conservation education program is vulture conservation and the plight of these iconic birds. For more information on our work with Vultures please click here!


Chili Pepper as Elephant Deterrent

The residents in and around Victoria Falls are used to seeing elephant in town throughout the year. However, this year the sheer number of elephant that are coming into the high density areas and some of the rural areas around town is unprecedented. Unfortunately, the elephant are not moving away from the town when normal techniques are employed to try and scare the elephant away. In an effort to try and move the elephant away from human settlements before either a person or elephant gets hurt or killed, VFWT is working together with National Parks using chili pepper guns to move the elephant. Click here to read more!